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2017 PRICES Tapes to DVD



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Converting Tapes to DVD or MP4 files Pricing

$20 - 8mm Camcorder Tapes - 2 Hour

$15 - VHSC Small VHS Tapes - 30 Min

$15 - MiniDv Tapes - 1 Hour

$20 - VHS Large - 2 Hour

$20 - Sony Betmax - 1 Hour

  • Extra copies of DVD only $10 each.
  • ADD $10 for MP4 Digital File + DVD
  • All work done right here in Wauwatosa

 Did you know?
Best quality digital transfer of old tapes is achieved using DVD. Did you know that most Blu-Ray/DVD players today will upconvert any DVD to near HD quality? Plus many customers like to have a physical DVD, which can be stored easily, and can be used to edit or convert to MP4 digital file for devices that don't have DVD player, like Smartphones and Tablets.

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2017 PRICES Slides and Photos to DVD

50 cents - Slides

50 cents - Photos

Convert all your slides, home movies or company in house video, to DVD. Slides, 3D slides, VHS, VHS-C, Sony Handycam, 8mm, Digital 8, Hi8, Mini DV, Betamax, Film (8mm, 16mm, Super8)
Digitize your life!

  • All work done right here in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin!
  • Easy drop off/pickup with appointment
  • Free Pickup and Delivery on orders of $500+
  • Piece of mind, knowing all of your old pictures, slides, and film have been digitized, and saved for years to come.

  • No payment until project complete

  • Orders of $500+ require deposit

All Film - Reel Type, 8mm & 16mm, Super8, with or without sound, Convert to DVD -  Direct Digital from Film to CMOS Sensor to DVD.
1 week turnaround typical

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Virus Removal

Virus removal, cleanup and optimization of computer.
2-3 day turnaround
Make your computer run like new.
Don't buy a new computer!

Scanning Services:
Slides to DVD ($40 minimum)
Includes free Slideshow DVD

 $.50 each

Photo Albums and Prints Scanned to DVD
 ($40 minimum)
Includes free Slideshow DVD

  $.50 each
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